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Kitchenware for your Thanksgiving Dinner

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we wanted to take some time to flaunt Sunset Hill Stoneware's line of ceramic kitchenware. These beautiful crocks, pitchers and bowls are the perfect edition for your table at just about any gathering, whether it's a fanciful five-course feast or just chowing down on leftover chili for two.

Having kitchenware for Thanksgiving dinner is a unique way to serve up the holiday classics to your family and friends. Plus, all of the following stoneware bowls, crocks and pitchers are dishwasher safe, so cleaning up afterward will be easier than ever.

Melting PotCrisp Point Lighthouse Melting Pot in Blue Moon

A multipurpose pottery serving bowl that's just as suited to caddying cream and sugar packets as it is to dishing out chips and dip before Thanksgiving dinner is ready, the Melting Pot is like a quarterback that can kick and play defense: an unsung jack of all trades.

Carrying 16 oz. and able to withstand even the highest temperatures of an oven, the Melting Pot is a middle-weight champion of the dinner table. It can hold anything from a load of melty queso on Taco Tuesday to all the cranberry sauce you'll ever need to accompany any holiday meal you host. Plus, since it's dishwasher safe like all of our stoneware products, that's one less dish you'll have to hand-wash after the last piece of turkey has been carved.

Like all of our handmade pottery bowls for sale, the Melting Pot is available in more than 60 different glaze options, including the sumptuous, electric glow of Blue Moon, as shown.

Chili UpDSC00193-Edit

Serving up way more than just five-alarm chili, this little handled wonder of a stoneware crock is an excellent carrier for everything from cheesy French onion soup to creme brulee. It's also an excellent way to dish out a few servings of your aunt's famous green bean casserole when you have the whole family over for the holidays.

A stout 16 oz., the Chili Up features a broad, rotund shape and miniature handles for easy removal from the oven or microwave. It also has space for logos of all shapes and sizes, with a large open area for impression with medallions.

The Chili Up is a great way to serve up leftovers the day after Thanksgiving or a warm breakfast on a cold winter's day. This pottery crock pairs particularly well with our two-tone glazes such as Galaxy Night, Lava Rock or Morning Mums, although it makes a beautiful addition to your kitchen arsenal in just about any color we offer.

Good Mornin'DSC09629

The largest of our kitchenware products, the Good Mornin' has been spotted in the wild being used as everything from a bowl of cereal to a candy dish to a serving piece for sweet potato casserole. This behemoth of a clay bowl is the big brother of the kitchenware line at 18 oz.

A simple, classic shape, the Good Mornin' has simple, clean lines that allow it to fit in with the rest of your bowls and plates without looking too ostentatious. Whether you're using it as a pottery serving bowl for a mountain of mashed potatoes or a few scoops of ice cream in the summer, this ceramic bowl can do it all.

In addition to offering the Good Mornin' in our classic glazes like Midnight Black or Sunfire Red, it's also a founding member of our SwirlWare line. Due to the method we use to blend white and natural clay for these unique pottery bowls, the pattern on your SwirlWare bowl will be unlike any other in existence.

Tiny DancerDSC00444-Edit

Great things come in small packages. Whether your Tiny Dancer has a handle or none at all, this pint-sized pottery pitcher is great for syrup or cream at breakfast or gravy to slather all over your turkey at Thanksgiving. 

The Tiny Dancer is easy to pour even without a handle, but for those of us with butterfingers, the handled version adds an additional layer of security so you don't spill gravy all over your mother-in-law at your next family gathering. Measuring in at 8 oz., it's a space-saving beauty that can be used in place of a gravy boat or any other larger vessel.

Despite its smaller size, the Tiny Dancer still makes an excellent vehicle for just about any logo you would want on a stoneware pitcher. Given its longer shape, it pairs particularly well with vertical artwork.

Whether it's a stoneware bowl for serving up side dishes or mugs for serving coffee after Thanksgiving dinner, Sunset Hill Stoneware products add a little something special to your dinner table. See where you can find unique coffee mugs or ceramic bowls with our interactive map.

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