Meet Us

SHS blog writers

Owner. Rock Solid. Modern-day Edison, prolific genius, relentless energy, endless passion

Goddess. In-house diva, selling machine, loves to share her greatness, delivers miles of smiles

Boss Man owner. SHS cornerstone, non-stop stream of ideas, maintains hunter mentality

Mud man. Bodybuilder, skier, chief thrower, pottery master, G.B. Packer fan, always says yes

Graphic guru. Creative expert, a/k/a Quick Draw McLance, pyrographic firestarter, fisherman, Packer fan

Marketer. On-site perfectionist, control freak, throught leader, St. Louis Cardinal fan, works for food


One Response to Meet Us

  1. Julie Patrick says:

    After we  recently puchased our Go Pack Go Mugs we posted them on Facebook aand my Husband posted it on his Packer site several people said they have already ordered some, on guy was from Iowa.

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