I went to day camp when I was young. I also attended a Girl Scout camp for a week – and a Christian weekend retreat as a teenager. The memories of camp haven’t escaped this city girl.

Going to camp exposes you to the outdoors in ways that can’t be experienced if you live in town. The forestry, fresh air and wildlife cause you to pause, reflect and appreciate. Camp pushes you out of your comfort zone – meeting new friends, trying new skills, working as a team. It simply builds character and friendships – whether it’s for a day, week or weekend. It’s that way and more at Living Waters Bible Camp.

Living Waters Bible Camp
This Wisconsin-based Christian camp is not just a safe, affordable place to meet new friends – they actively train campers for service and leadership. It’s the ultimate goal of all of their camp activities.

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They call it: Programs with a Purpose. Where climbing the tower is a lesson on endurance and trust. Playing paintball is a picture of spiritual warfare. Service projects teach humility. And nature programs draw attendees to awe and wonder about our creator.

For parents, the scenic year-round camp is an investment in a child’s spiritual development. It reinforces their personal beliefs through activities conducted by trained counselors who have gone through an extensive 7-level screening process. While being educated on God’s word throughout the camp, there’s plenty of swimming, horseback riding, crafts, games, skits and campfires.

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The camp is designed for all. They hold weekend camps for ladies and family retreats, scrapbooking, lumberjacks and adventures; day camps for the young; and full week camps for the homeschooled, boys, girls and senior students.

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We all enjoy the all-inclusive resorts that offer sunshine and fruity cocktails. For a deeper spiritual experience that you can take with you long after you leave the grounds, the memory of camping places you in the middle of nature while fostering your soul and guiding your heart all year long. Sunset Hill Stoneware is grateful to be part of their story.

Keeping watch. Pat

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