Spring is a time for renewal and second chances – especially after a long Wisconsin winter. It’s comforting to see the grass green up, trees start to bud and children at the playground.

For merchants it’s time to spring clean and brighten up their shelves. A consumer makes financial and strategic buying decisions based on what they like, the timing of the purchase and what they can afford. A retailer has to know what the consumer wants. They’re responsible for carrying the right merchandise at the right time and price. It’s a bit intuitive, yet highly calculated, as a buyer’s decision can make or break a store’s bottom line.

               Many Sunset Hill Stoneware spring colors at Museum of Aviation

Visual merchandising plays into this as the retailer wants the consumer to linger and spend time at the shelf while ultimately having an enjoyable experience. Merchants know that more is not always better. In fact, rearranging displays, removing clutter and simplifying displays will most likely have a positive impact on sales. Sometimes it’s as simple as moving a product from site A to B that causes it to gain more visibility. 

               Many Sunset Hill Stoneware spring colors at Hank Williams Museum

A retailer’s effort at creating eye-catching visual displays will typically translate to sales and future word-of-mouth advertising. While the time invested is well spent, creative display merchandising is never done. Every three months, shop staff need to step back and evaluate their client base to ensure their stock will satisfy their ever changing needs.

               Many Sunset Hill Stoneware spring colors at The Local Store

As a consumer, we tend to take for granted the extra effort that store staff take to make our first impression a lasting impression. Think about the t-shirt you picked up off the shelf, held up to see how it would look and then carelessly threw back down as you moved on to something else that caught your eye.

               Many Sunset Hill Stoneware spring colors at Shellatte's coffee shop

Cheers to the retailer who is willing to clean up after us. Their spring cleaning role never ends.

Let’s remember to do our part. Support our local communities, buy American-made products and help retailers maintain the beautiful displays they put together so carefully and thoughtfully with us in mind.

Keeping watch. Pat

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