One of the best ways to connect with prospects is to share customer testimonials. People want to know they are working with a trusted source; someone who will do and deliver what they need, when they need it.

While some companies may use testimonials periodically, they neglect to date when the customer actually endorsed the company. It’s a bit misleading. Was the validation given last week – or seven years ago? There’s a lot that can change within that span of time.

We’re proud of our customer feedback; that’s why we actively post what they say, when they say it and where they live. It humanizes their endorsement and gives credibility to what we did this week and in the past. We started the tradition in 2011. At this point, we can’t stop posting – it thrills our team to know the great impact they make.

Here’s a few customer comment’s from recent and time past:

Signature Stoneware™ Products

  • 2/17/17: “Mugs are now available for sale! They are flying off the shelves. Been available for 30 minutes and I have sold 25 already.” Sam, Hulbert, OK Find Sunset Hill Stoneware testimonial mugs at the Hank Williams Museum
  • 1/6/17: “The mugs all arrived safely! The staff is pretty excited about the mugs for our mug club members and I think they are just beautiful! Please tell those hard working folks who created them!” Maria, Sunnyvale, CA
  • 12/29/16: “The 72 mugs I ordered are ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITE! Craftmanship is artisan elite! Beautifully glazed in awesome color combos. Sturdy! Microwave and Dishwasher Safe! Artwork and 3-D medallions are beyond my expectations! Manufactured brilliantly. Fair price. I have never seen such safe and padded shipping containers!” Dan, Hampton Cove, AL 
  • 7/24/14: “Everything looks great. I am happy with quick turn-around time. Good thing I ordered when I did, we were almost totally sold out. These mugs just sell great!” Alison, Washington, PA
  • 12/19/12: “The mugs are awesome. Please thank the designer, potter, yourself and anyone else involved for their great effort. I'm so proud of the Wisconsin Company that creates such a wonderful product.” Riene, Eagle, WI

Customer Service

  • 1/20/17: “You have awesome mugs with awesome people working to make high quality mugs and customer service.” Judy, Luxemburg, WI
  • 6/23/16: “BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Good to know companies like you are still out there, I will be placing more orders. Thank you so much.” John, Stevens Point, WI 
  • 12/16/15: “Such a pleasure to work with individuals and a team that care so much about their customers. You all rock! Looking forward to working with you again in the New Year.” Christopher, Jamestown, ND 
  • 1/3/14: “It came together quickly because you are quick to respond and EASY to work with. Thanks for your great Customer Service. I only wish my other suppliers could be half as responsive as you. Looking forward to sending more orders your way.” Cheryle, Thomasville, NC
  • 12/16/11 – “You are still the greatest sales goddess ever!”

Packaging & Shipping

  • 2/24/17 – “Delivered MUCH sooner than I expected, and exceptionally packaged.” David, Lawrenceville, PATestimonial to 100% eco-friendly packaging used at Sunset Hill Stoneware
  • 8/26/16: “I received the package yesterday evening. Thanks for the extremely speedy shipment! The steins look great.” Dan, Peoria Heights, IL 
  • 3/29/16: “We were a little concerned when the driver tossed one of the boxes from one end of the truck to the other, but you do such a great job of packaging on your end that no damage was done.” Susan, Penn Yan, NY 
  • 12/22/15: “I received the order before the weekend! It was awesome that it arrived that early, and may I mention that the packing job was incredible. I have never seen such care taken with the shipping of merchandise. I love these; they are the coolest gifts I have ever given my family. I can't wait to see their faces and I will definitely get a few pictures together for you guys. Thanks again for helping me make Christmas magical.” Vince, Pawleys Island, SC
  • 8/19/14:The mugs are BEAUTIFUL. We are incredibly pleased. They arrived in great shape – great packing! The medallions are perfect – everything is exactly what we had hoped for. We are very happy with the work and will be re-ordering in the future.” Craig, Etna, C

We hope you take time to share your own Signature Stoneware™ stories. Pour yourself of a cup of tea and enjoy the feedback customers have given us through the years.

Keeping Watch. Pat

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  1. Rick Layman says:

    The National Rifle Association Coffee Mug I bought is great. I bought one for my Son-in-laws upcoming birthday. My old coffee cup was 30 years old and has been retired.

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