We are ‘over the moon’ announcing the addition of Moonberry to our growing glaze collection. While astronomers recently discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the same star 40 light-years away, our production team has encountered their own findings. This out-of-this-world glaze color is now available for your next American-made Signature Stoneware™ order.

          Sunset Hill Stoneware launches Moon berry glaze color.

Previously, Moonberry had been available on a limited basis as a specialty glaze color at an extra cost. We are pleased to offer it as part of our standard glaze collection of 60+ beautiful choices. Our Moonberry glaze reflects a dark rich purple color featuring beautiful speckles of sky blue flecks.

         Sunset Hill Stoneware launches Moon berry glaze color.

From previous blogs you may recall that creating new glaze colors is a science dependent on the chemistry of all components fitting, melting and interacting. Customers select our handmade stoneware for our artistry – and functionality. Our Signature Stoneware mugs are 100% lead-free – making them food safe and perfect for everyday use. We’ll continue to work hard on our processes and efficiencies to ensure you receive beautifully made stoneware each and every time. We love what we do – to the moon and back.

Keeping watch.  Pat

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