This time of year makes Wisconsinites yearn for green. After a long winter, we take joy in seeing green grass, green foliage – even a green beer sounds pleasurable.

Late last year, Pantone unveiled their 2017 Color of the Year as Greenery. Calling it a refreshing, revitalizing shade, Pantone stated that Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. The color green can create a sanctuary from the stresses of modern living, helping us restore back to a sense of well-being.

                   Request a color glaze chart from Sunset Hill Stoneware greenery blog

At Sunset Hill Stoneware – green is important to us. You will find 13 pretty shades of green glaze colors – and if you’ve had the opportunity to view our facility, you’d find many energy-smart ways where we do our best to make a difference. 

                                  Sunset Hill Stoneware offers 13 green shades of glaze colors, similar to Greenery

Celebrate this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day thinking about ways you can contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Start small. Use less paper. Recycle more. Use canvas bags. Or simply breathe deeply and kick back with your favorite brew to reflect on your options.

Keeping watch. Pat

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