Powerlifting is a true measure of one’s individual progress. You are competing only with you and the weight – you either lift it or not. This individualized sport challenges a person to lift as much weight as possible for one repetition in the squat, bench press and deadlift. It can strengthen your skeleton while building muscle and reducing fat.

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When competing, every lifter is allowed three attempts at a lift. A lifter’s total is determined by the sum of their best lift and the individual with the highest total is considered the strongest lifter in the division.

Our local high school has a powerlifting program for students; in fact, Neenah High School is celebrating their 28th year of competition this year. Participants lift as individuals and as part of a team. On February 11, 2017, the high school is holding the Neenah Powerlifting Invitational. Individual qualifiers will advance to the WHSPA state meet. What does it take to advance? A 114 pound high school girl needs to lift 515 lbs. A 181 pound high school boy needs to lift 1,150lbs. That’s takes a lot of physical and emotional strength – all good attributes for a person’s future.

                        Neenah Powerlifting Booster Club is selling highly-durable Sunset Hill Stoneware mugs.

At many high schools, powerlifting is considered a club and not a school sport. That means the athletes and their parents are responsible for all participations costs. These costs include the suit lifters wear in the squat, knee wraps, wrist wraps, shoes, training clothes and entry fees for the regional meets. The Neenah Powerlifting Booster Club is instrumental in helping raise funds to alleviate some of the expenses for athletes to participate and to help purchase equipment for the program.

           Neenah Powerlifting Booster Club is selling highly-durable Sunset Hill Stoneware mugs.

If a lifter makes it to the State meet level, the booster club pays for the lifters to attend. If athletes are chosen to be part of the National team, and their State lift total qualifies them for Nationals, the lifters have a fundraiser called Penny-a-Pound where they ask people to sponsor them based on the total number of pounds they lift at the Neenah Invite meet. If the athletes raise $200 or more, the booster club pays their trip to Nationals. If not, the athlete pays their own way. 

           Neenah Powerlifting Booster Club is selling highly-durable Sunset Hill Stoneware mugs.

Fundraising Efforts
To date, the team's largest fundraiser has always been the Team T-shirt Sponsorship. The T-shirts are worn at each regional meet as well as the State and National Meets. The lifters and families seek out local businesses and ask them to sponsor their business on one of the two sleeves or the back in a small or large logo or they can be listed as Friends of Neenah Powerlifting. With the money generated from the t-shirts, the team is able to purchase equipment for the weight room such as ER racks and kilo weights. A main purchase this year was geared towards technology, including a new scoring light system and large screen televisions to display lifter information for spectators, lifters and coaches, as well as some additional equipment.

This year the Neenah Powerlifting Booster Club wanted to offer something new and bring excitement to the club's fundraising efforts. When a parent suggested Sunset Hill Stoneware mugs and presented design ideas, the booster club was ecstatic. The mug styles and colors were chosen to represent the Neenah Powerlifting Team and have already been a huge hit with the athletes, parents and powerlifters across the country.


Many non-profit organizations use our hand-thrown stoneware for their fundraising needs. Our products provide an excellent return on investment and provide the morning ‘lift’ to start the day.

Keeping watch. Pat

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