As beautiful as pottery is, the manufacturing process has a dirty little secret. Pottery harms those who love it the most – the potters. Harmful airborne particulates, sharp knives, repetitive motion, heavy lifting and dark, damp conditions are all commonplace in the pottery industry.

Knowing that clay airborne particulates can create poor indoor air quality, when we relocated our production facility a few years ago, my Dad and I were determined to incorporate employee safety into our building design. Years later, while many of the improvements and innovations were measureable, the lingering question was – did we do enough to protect our employees from harmful clay airborne particulates? We wanted independent documentation to ensure our employees were safe.

This past May, we employed an independent environmental consulting firm to conduct on-site monitoring for respirable dust and crystalline silica. The testing was conducted over a series of days – in every part of the facility. The final results of the testing confirmed our designs and efforts were achieved! Today we can share that not only does our team produce the best stoneware in America – they work in a safe ‘clean air’ environment.


We’re proud that our investment and efforts have created a production ‘Pottery Heaven’ facility. Our employees can enjoy safe working conditions and a healthy, clean air environment that will allow them to prosper and live well for many, many years,

Read more about why Sunset Hill Stoneware is the Cleanest Greenest Pottery in America. 

Welcome to the future of production pottery manufacturing!
Until next time.  Tom

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