Dogfish Head is a famous jut of land off the coast of Maine. Legend says the area was named Dogfish as when locals put out traps for lobster, they typically ended up with more dogfish (a small shark) than lobsters.

So how did Dogfish Head Craft Brewery end up in Delaware? Well, as in many cases, a woman was behind the decision. While Sam Calagione, Dogfish founder and die-hard New Englander spent summers up at Dogfish Head, after he met his wife she enticed him to Delaware. Always one to hang onto to his love for New England, Sam formed his second love and founded Dogfish Head Brewery

You could say that Dogfish is a bit out of the ordinary – their tagline captures it well, 'off-centered ales for off-centered people.'  That’s what makes their intentional, yet unconventional approach so interesting and fun. 

They’ve been featured in Beer Wars and was part of Discovery Channel’s Brew Masters series. They’ve been known to collaborate with businesses outside of the beer industry like creating special ale for the Grateful Dead. And just earlier this summer they celebrated the opening of Dogfish Inn, a dog-friendly, newly renovated 16-room motel located in Lewes, DE. It’s here you’ll find Dogfish Head hand soap and other thoughtful, beer-centric amenities.


Looking to find Dogfish brew in your area.  Use their online Fish Finder to search by state.  Only in America.

Keeping Watch.  Pat

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