It’s hard to find a company that isn’t proud of what they make. That’s the way it should be.  But I can’t help feeling that some companies are just a bit more special.  American Made. Handmade Craftsmanship. Functional Beauty.  Yes, those are attributes that describe Sunset Hill Stoneware mugs, but that’s not what this story is about. I’m referring to Deering Banjos.

This California-based company builds Deering banjos.  Never heard of them? They’ve been in business for 39 years and have hand built more than 100,000 banjos in that time. 

Greg and Janet Deering own the family-run business. It started with Greg’s love for woodworking. At the age of 2 Greg watched his Dad build model airplanes; by 3 Greg owned his first tool set.  When he was 13, he bought his first banjo; and in 1970 he began doing instrument repairs via the American Dream Co-op. In 1975, Greg and his wife, Janet, opened the Deering Banjo Company and built the company piece by piece.  

Today the factory employs 48 dedicated banjo specialists all focused on making the best banjos in the world. Who buys these beautifully crafted products? Eric Church, Ashley Campbell, Bela Fleck – and yes, there are thousands more, even 7-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift.


Why do artists from around the world insist on a Deering banjo?  Because they know the love, passion and time built into each piece. Its hand made, irreplaceable and music to their ears. I like the sound of that! 

Keeping watch. Pat


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