Sunset Hill Stoneware production potters are disciplined souls. Over and over again, they systematically throw clumps of wet clay onto pottery wheels and form them into mugs – consistently creating 100’s of the same style each day. It’s beautiful to watch their American spirit at work – that beauty can also be savored at LARIAT Coffee Roasters.


In the shadow of the North Cascade Mountains, you find Bob and Lori. Much like determined pioneers traveling across this country in years past, Bob and Lori made a bold move to delay their retirement and start Lariat Coffee Roasters.

Located in Winthrop, WA, the region is rich in history, character and principles – much like the great care required when producing the deep roasted flavor of Lariat single-source and proprietary blends like Cowboy Mud, Buck Mountain and Outlaw Espresso.


The perfect cup of coffee at Lariat is defined as coffee so rich and flavorful you’re compelled to pause and savor the experience. That fits their brand and their location – a place to slow down, unwind and savor the scenery while relaxing with a cup of coffee.

We hope the cowboy in you takes time this summer to visit Winthrop, Washington where you will enjoy the rugged natural beauty and the perfect cup of coffee.

Keeping watch.  Pat


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