In our line of business, we get to work with all types of customers – from big brands, to smaller start-up companies like Valley Athletics. This family-run company is a bit like Sunset Hill Stoneware – they built an amazing facility to provide the best service possible. In their case, that meant designing an indoor facility for outdoor sports including tennis, soccer, tackle football, lacrosse, rugby, baseball etc.

You may think that not so unusual but their indoor state-of-the-art field turf allows players to touch lines, wear cleats, play with age appropriate goals and experience fewer injuries – all here in Midwest Wisconsin, all year long. They provide training, equipment, locker rooms – even child care.

When they launched their business, they asked SHS to customize a mug for their new facility – in a special color, just for them. If you read our blogs, you know that glaze colors are a mix of minerals, science – and sometimes a bit of luck.

We’re pleased to be part of their growth strategy. Congratulations to Valley Athletics and their team of players! We hope they’re in the game for a long time.

Until next time. Tom

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