If you’re lucky to be old enough – you’ll remember a product from the 1950’s called Dippity-do.  It was a translucent pink color hair gel product made by The Gillett Company.  As a kid it was just fun to dip your fingers into the gel and play with the stuff – watch it in action!

Ok, we’re not making hair gel here – but I can tell you there are members of our team singing Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, My, oh my what a wonderful day!

What deserves such nostalgic fun?  Well, in the pottery world creating a new glaze color takes a lot of chemistry knowledge, patience and sometimes a bit of scientific luck. Glaze colors are affected by the clay, slips and underglazes – but mostly by the metallic oxides within the fabric of the glaze itself. Varying circumstances give these colorants very different results. Variables can include the composition of the glaze, the temperature used when the glaze is fired, the placement of the product within the kiln and the kiln’s atmosphere during firing and cooling.

Knowing what can go wrong helps you understand why we’re fired up.  Our Ironman production manager and his team of rock star glaze technicians have created a PINK glaze. 

It. Is. Stunning.  And it’s for you!

Oh, yes, we’re singing in the firehouse tonight. Pat

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