One year ago this month, Sunset Hill Stoneware relocated to a new manufacturing facility. This wasn’t just a new relocation for us. We turned the industry upside down and have become America's greenest, cleanest production pottery facility – placing the health and safety of our employees first and foremost. Of course, we care about out the quality and delivery of our finished stoneware pieces – but all of that would be for naught, if we didn’t take care of our employees’ health and safety too.  

If you’ve seen or been in other pottery environments, you may get the sense of darkness, extreme dust, inadequate ventilation, dirt and a mix of heat and humidity that can have a negative, long term effect on an employees’ health.

Our goal was to create a facility that was green – making the best use of our natural resources. And to design a facility that was a clean environment with adequate fresh air, continuous ventilation, ergonomic workplace safety, and at the end, we even topped it off with air conditioning.

We enjoy your ongoing testimonials and love for our Wisconsin-made SHS product. We also hope you appreciate that beyond the beauty of our pieces, is the underlying confidence that we have made great effort to ensure our employees are safe, healthy and treated fairly.

My Dad and I are proud to own Sunset Hill Stoneware and treasure our employees. America’s clean and green production pottery facility was built for them. So our artisans could do what they love and make a good living at it.

Proud to be making a difference in the art industry.  
Until next time. Tom 

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