The Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship to the United States from the people of France. It’s a 15-story sculpture that stands tall on what we know today as Liberty Island in the New York Harbor. The Statue was dedicated in 1886, designated as a National Monument in 1924, became a part of the National Park Service in 1933 and was restored for her centennial in 1986. This colossal statue is a signature American icon, as she views over the New York Harbor; proudly representing a universal symbol of freedom and democracy.

To this day, due to the conditions created by Hurricane Sandy, the Statue of Liberty National Monument remains closed. While the storm thankfully did not harm the statue, the hurricane did manage to destroy infrastructure on Liberty Island. The Island remains without heat, plumbing and electricity. And the storm severely damaged the docks used by the ferries bringing visitors to the Island. The reality is it could optimistically be months before the island is reopened to the public, most likely later on in 2013.

Sunset Hill Stoneware is privileged to work with the Statue of Liberty Museum Store, where you were able to purchase our hand thrown ‘Made in America’ mugs. Since the museum’s online store is temporary closed, the store manager has given us permission to include mugs decorated with their “Statue of Liberty” artwork in our online store. Please know a portion of your purchase will directly benefit the museum – for us; it’s the greatest gift we can give them right now.

Keeping watch.  Pat

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