We are proud to be a National Parks Conservation Association member – an organization that works hard to make the park system accessible to all and to preserve them for future generations.

The national park system covers more than 83 million acres, including sites ranging from the homes of historical figures, battlefields, national monuments, recreation areas, etc. These sites represent the heritage and spirit of America – and Sunset Hill Stoneware is privileged to work with many state and national parks across the country.

Throughout the years, many of you have requested to purchase SHS products featuring one or more of our national park brands directly from us. Today we are pleased to announce that we are obtaining licensing agreements to fulfill your purchasing requests!

We now have licensing agreements with two Alaskan parks: Denali Parks and Glacier Bay Parks. Buy their products online – and know that a portion of your purchase benefits our national park system.  Our national park system is as American as baseball, peanuts and apple pie – one of America’s Best Ideas.  And something about that feels really good.

There's many ways to show your patriotism. Make it a great day. Tom

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