Many times there’s more to the story than what meets the eye – that holds true for our Snowpeople Mugs featured in our HolidayWare collection. 

These unique, made-in-America mugs were hand thrown by our pottery artists – and decorated by the rest of our production team.  Each clay eye, smile, button and carrot nose was carefully placed to create their sweet faces.  Then Kayla gave each Snowperson a name and personality.  In fact, some of the personalities you may find reflective to some of our staff personalities.  For instance, you’ll find Thomas Snowman who is great with kids; Kristin Snowman, our cheeriest snowbuddy and Jason Snowman, who’s a super reliable kind of guy. All in fun. 

We have a limited number of these warm-hearted Snowperson Mugs available.  Joe, Nicholas, Becky, Shelly, Jeffrey, Frederick, Willy, Jessica, Kayla, Lance, Ginger, Leo, Heather, Benji, Pat, Duane, Michael and Sarah are waiting to be adopted and put to work each day with your favorite beverage. 

Bert, Janina and Cindy Snow recently left our SHS family, but we hear they are enjoying their new homes in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  No matter the temperature outside, these guys are designed to warm your heart for years to come.

Enjoy your week.  Pat

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One Response to Snowmen Don’t Have Meltdowns

  1. Lori Kennedy says:

    I would Love to order one of these sweet snowman mugs!!!  Do you ship to Canada?  Please let me know.

    Thanks, Lori

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