Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to read about our new production facility. Energy Smart. Production Efficient. Employee Safe. These are the qualities Fortune 500 companies strive for – and our owners have delivered on. 

Tom and his dad Duane are co-owners of SHS. Duane started his career in the label printing industry – as a start-up employee who worked side-by-side with his father; then as a co-owner of a progressive start-up company that he built and sold to a Fortune 500 company with his brother; and always as a forward-thinking inventor. Duane refers to himself as ‘Rock Solid’; I refer to him as our internal ‘Thomas Edison’. The guy doesn’t stop thinking of how we can improve our efficiencies so we can produce affordable, handcrafted stoneware for America.

Duane is amazing. The owner of many patents, he is most recognized in the label industry for his ingenuity used in creating the self-adhesive label that incorporated a peel-away top transparent film. This innovative labeling technology continues to be used routinely by leading manufacturers for couponing and promotional needs. Think about the removable game piece that McDonald’s uses for their Monopoly promotion and that is Duane’s label creativity at work.

So Duane retired from the corporate world a few years back and saw the fun his son Tom was having in the pottery business. Duane had always supported Tom in the business through the years, but now he officially joined forces with Tom and took the company's innovations to a new level unheard of in the art industry.  

  • Custom-designed pottery wheels that run so quiet you can hear a pin drop. And maintenance free to boot. 
  • Mobile damp carts that maintain a specific degree of humidity to ensure the piece reaches a dry stage ideal for handle and medallion application. 
  • Clean air units continually distributing fresh air throughout the facility.
  • An entire facility and product drying process heated by the company’s 26 kilns.


I could go on, but a blog should only be so long. Duane lives by his motto, ‘Simplicity of design is the result of profound thought.’ That’s a simplified version of what Thomas Edison once said, “I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others….I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent..“

Congrats to Tom & Duane on their relentless energy and vision to keep SHS employees safe while standardizing our processes!

I hope you have a team of Rock Solid employees growing your business.  Pat

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