Vincent Thomas Lombardi is best known as the legendary head coach of the Green Bay Packers. During the 1960’s, he successfully coached the team through three back-to-back league championships including the first two Super Bowls. He’s enshrined in the NFL’s Football Hall of Fame and the National Football League named the Super Bowl trophy in his honor. Vince is an American icon to many and Sunset Hill Stoneware is thrilled to be working exclusively with the Lombardi family – casting Vince Lombardi’s image permanently in American-made stoneware.

Branded as LombardiWare™, these collectible pieces are adorned with Vince’s image, along with favorite quotes such as “Winning isn’t everything. It is the only thing.”  The collection of 12 artworks can be added to any of our mugs or steins – or if you’re in a rush, purchase ready-made pieces that can be shipped within two business days!

Like the rest of our products, each piece is handcrafted and thrown by potter’s who live, breathe and dream of Green Bay Packer victories. And it’s nice to have a few things in common with Vince – he’s got a great middle name and Vince & I share the same birthday. I’m almost like family.

Ready for Monday night.  Tom

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