You may have noticed we added Scent-in-Stone candles to our web offering. These amazing candles combine the handcrafted quality of SHS stoneware with a natural soybean wax. The finishing touch is a hint of fragrance that captures your inner soul. 

It gets better. We use a natural soybean wax in our stoneware pieces. This means the candle will burn clean (vs. oil-based paraffin candles). You simply wipe out the container once the wax is gone, run it through the dishwasher and re-use the stoneware throughout your business or home as a deskware piece. How great is that! Two gifts in one!

Our Scent-in-Stone products have been an internal hit – and we know the demand for them will be big. We’ve partnered with Shelley Nystrom.  She’s the boss lady and head candle-maker for Eco Candle Company, an artisan candle and soap business located in Appleton, WI. And she knows candles.

Did you know that paraffin wax is used in more than 95% of candles today – and that it can release harmful carcinogens into the atmosphere; along with producing soot that can blacken walls and contaminate ventilation ductwork? Shelley and her team are passionate about distributing a safe product. Soy-based wax; scents that are Proposition 65 compliant; and only natural cotton, paper and hemp cored wicks are used. Gosh, much more to a candle than most people realize.   

We’re pleased to offer a 15% discount on the following Scent-in-Stone candles during our Christmas in July sale.

Shelley’s mission matches our goal to deliver safe products that compliment healthy lifestyles while respecting the environment. We think you'll reap the benefits from our two artsy teams working together.  

Enjoy the sweet smells of summer.  Pat

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