I’m not much of a holiday guy – and my wife can confirm, I’ve been known to rush to the mall on Christmas Eve.  That’s why it’s a bit ironic that I find myself promoting a Christmas in July sale.  Really, is nothing sacred?

The truth is – you’ve got time.  There’s 176 shopping days until Christmas.  The problem is we sell stoneware; lots of it.  And that takes time – and talent.  Our products are all crafted by hand – the pottery, medallions, handles – and then fired and re-fired in kilns.  We craft thousands of pieces each month.  And as days turn into weeks, then into a months – well, before you know it, it’s Christmas. 

So this year, instead of the last minute rush, we put together a HolidayWare offering – and are promoting it this month with a ‘Christmas in July’ sale. Everybody wins! You order your HolidayWare in July and get a sweet 15% discount. And our team gets to organize the orders to ensure you get delivery by mid-October! Select from mugs, steins, bowls – and new scent-in-stone products. 

So think about your wife, your dad, the kids, your co-workers, the boss – and your father-in-law.  Order him a few steins, buy a six-pack and you’re good!

If you ignore the sale, that’s ok.  We’ll create some extra HolidayWare pieces, and place them online for sale in the fall – the only thing is, you’ll pay full price.

Ah, the weather is hot all over America.  The lawn needs mowing. The kids are splashing it up in the pool.  Saving some money and getting my brother-in-law’s dog bowl out of the way, just means more money for hunting season.

Have a happy and safe 4th!  Tom

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