ABC News continues their series called “Made in America ” focused on American manufacturing and the economy.  They tackled the tough questions: Is buying American more expensive?  What if everyone decided to buy more American-made products?  They even created an online interactive map to help consumer find made in America products.

That initiative, along with other shop local, buy local movements across the country help citizens think more about their purchases.  According to Ruth Storc, who keeps a blog called Design Patriot, "People are interested in all things artisanal, because they want to know where the things they live with are being made and by whom.”  While mass produced items lack stories, inherited and handmade pieces are a reminder of who we are, what we stand for and reminiscent of times gone past. For consumers, says designer Kimberly Ayres, "the handmade quality is grounding."

I say, better to have one piece you treasure and can’t live without than many pieces that clutter and have no meaning.

Fill your life with pieces that you love.  Pat

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