You can now buy UnderWare™ from SHS! Oh, we’re not talking little skivvies you can wear – we talking about absorbent coasters available exclusively from Sunset Hill Stoneware.  

These 4-1/8” round stone guzzlers are not handcrafted by SHS potters – but they are 100% made in the USA using American materials and talent.  The company uses a special manufacturing and kiln firing process, along with a formulated blend of ceramic materials to ensure their absorbency.

Measuring 3/8” thick, UnderWare™ coasters instantly absorb drips, dribbles and condensation from hot/cold drinks.  Artwork designs are printed using permanent, fade resistant inks – and then coaster bottoms are finished with a soft moisture proof neoprene pad to protect countertop and furniture surfaces.  Available in 3 colors: Snow White, Desert Sand and Rock Tan in either SHS or Mathews artwork.

And how did we come up with such a clever name?  Well, I can tell you that creatively runs wild at SHS – this time it was Lance, our graphic guru.    

UnderWare™ coasters.  The under thing for everything.  Only from Sunset Hill Stoneware.
Enjoy your holiday weekend!  Tom

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