When I think of branding, I think McDonalds.  It was 1955 when Ray Kroc introduced us to a red and tiled building with Golden Arches.  While the menu has changed throughout the years, the consistency of the Golden Arches has weathered the years, traveled the globe and remains tall.

That’s the massive advantage of brand consistency – it builds recognition, which builds familiarity, which develops trust.  Once people have confidence in your product, they become loyal – and brand champions.  It’s not rocket science.  When you love a product/service, you return again and again; and you talk and tweet about it.

As people, we don’t really like ‘new’ – and it has been widely reported that before a consumer purchases a product, on average, the consumer needs to be exposed to a brand 17 times.  That’s a lot of exposure.  And it can only be done with brand consistency – like Ray Krok did years ago.

A brand isn’t an icon – it is personality of a business. A brand has character, a look, a tone of voice and a way of behaving. Every marketing and advertising piece should reflect a similar logo, a single typeface, consistent color ranges and similar design styles – everything inter-linked and linking back to the core brand.  Every piece is like a member of the same family.  The visual look often evolves slowly over time, but the core message of a successful brand never changes.

Brand consistency takes years to master before it really starts working for you.  Leading brands are normally leading because they have had many years of consistency behind them – and they have a long term goal for their branding that has been consistent.

Our SHS employees understand the importance of your brand – and your goal to permanently cast your brand in stoneware for long-lasting recognition.  As long as you have a clear image of your brand – you can entrust our team to protect it.

Keeping watch.  Pat

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