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3 Stoneware Mugs for Military Units We Love

Even after Independence Day, there is never a wrong time to support America's troops. To recognize and honor the work that our troops do to defend our principles of freedom and the U.S. Constitution, we often work with specific units, many of which are stationed outside the United States.

Through word of mouth, Sunset Hill Stoneware has worked with multiple military units all over the world so they can have American-made coffee mugs and beer steins while they work overseas. Although these are just a few of the military groups we've worked with during the last few months, we're more than happy to bring them a little piece of home while they're stationed abroad.


IMG_0580Camp Dahlke is a military base located in the Logar province of eastern Afghanistan. Although it has hosted a number of military units over the years, this base is now home to TF Apocalypse, an aviation unit in the U.S. Army currently deployed in the country to aid with security.

We've worked with our friends from TF Apocalypse before. They were among the first groups to order mugs in our red, white and blue Old Glory glaze. A version of the group's insignia can be seen in this striking color on our Oktoberstein, complete with an unusual skull pattern that reminds us of the wild west.

This spring, we worked with them again to bring them some specially made Potbelly mugs while they're at Camp Dahlke. The mugs feature an unforgettable design with a detailed skull and the unit's name and information. The medallion bearing this insignia is made to last, these soldiers will be able to use these mugs for years, even after they've returned home.

Although it might be a small gesture, these stoneware mugs have the potential to bring the unit together and give them a taste of home when they have their morning cups of coffee. At time of writing, the soldiers of TF Apocalypse can look forward to receiving their mugs in our subtle but striking Lava Rock glaze in the next few weeks.


U.S. embassies and consulates all over the world are staffed with Marine Security Guard (MSG) detachments. As the name implies, this specialty group of roughly 1,800 Marines provides security to protect the United States' diplomatic and national security interests at 181 embassies and consulates worldwide. This duty can be dangerous, and the training for this post is known to be intense even by Marine Corps standards.

IMG_0593There are two MSG detachments with which Sunset Hill Stoneware has worked in China. One is Marines Security Guard Detachment Chengdu, located at the U.S. consulate in the southwest Chinese city of the same name. The other, located on the other side of the country at the U.S. consulate general in northeastern China, is Marines Security Guard Detachment Shenyang

Both of these detachments provide vital security to staff and intelligence material at U.S. consulates in China. Their work is vital to protecting diplomacy, so we're more than happy to work with these servicemen while they're posted halfway around the world.

The MSG detachment in Shenyang can now enjoy their beer (or a somewhat concerning amount of coffee) in style while they're serving at the consulate general. Based on a Double Barrel custom beer stein in our beautiful Oatmeal glaze, the detachment's medallion features a lot of symbolism unique to them. Not only does this include the USMC emblem, but it also has the flags of the United States and People's Republic of China, plus a Chinese-style dragon with tiny details across its body. The combination makes for an unmistakable insignia that will proudly display the detachment's services wherever the beer mug's owner goes.


Located in Indonesia's capital city, the Marine Security Guard Detachment in Jakarta has provided security to the U.S. Embassy there for decades.

DSC01272-EditArchived news pieces from the U.S. Department of Defense describe just how grueling the duty of protecting America's diplomatic interests can be. On top of protecting the embassy and its personnel, the small unit of corpsmen in each detachment has to protect top-secret material, all while serving as important members of the diplomatic community.

The requirements to work with a security guard detachment are some of the most stringent in the Marine Corps—most members are not allowed to be married or plan to do so during their three-year assignment. They also aren't allowed to have any offensive tattoos, significant financial problems, dependents or other obstacles that could jeopardize their security clearance.

This summer, the most recent members of the MSG Detachment in Jakarta received an even more patriotic taste of home. They will be able to enjoy their drinks out of a Short Boy Tap beer stein in our exclusive tricolor glaze, Old Glory. Each stein features the detachment's insignia with a bald eagle against the red, white and blue glaze.

Whether a unit is on a domestic military base or posted abroad, Sunset Hill Stoneware is always happy to work with them to provide a handcrafted mug that exudes American pride.

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